Don’t Press Send! Special Edition!

Don’t Press Send! Special Edition!


Occasionally something may happen that I don’t feel can wait until my weekly column. That is a rule I just made up. I can make up my own rules, I’m doing this for fun, asshole.


“I Hate That Fucking Song”


Do you remember in ‘Major League’ when the owner took away their jet and made them fly in a biplane? Something similar happen in Cleveland today. The difference? Well, it was the Browns, not the Indians. Also, it was stupidity, not hate.

C_Mitch18 Carlton Mitchell

Soooo this week our Plane is Stuck in the grass -_- #ReallyDude?


That’s right. And the ordeal is just beginning


jordaNorwood Jordan Norwood

**looks out the window** i think ur right RT @C_Mitch18: So this week our Plane is Stuck in the grass -_- #ReallyDude?


MoMass11 Mohamed Massaquoi

3 weeks in a row RT @C_Mitch18: Soooo this week our Plane is Stuck in the grass -_- #ReallyDude?


So three away games (the first two in the preseason obviously), three plane delays. Last two were short. This one will take awhile. Also I wanted to get Mohamed Massaquoi in there, if only because his avatar has him in his uniform from Independence High School.


JoshCribbs16 Josh Cribbs

We’re stuck on the runway in Cleveland, hope we make it 2 Indy… Lets hope 4the best..(side note) any browns fans have an extra jumbo jet?


Anybody? Please?


joehaden23 Joe Haden

Ding this is your captain speaking “we are stuck in mud” thank u! #what??


That happened. The pilot taxied too far, into the grass. There, it sunk into the mud. A team plane. Stuck in the mud. So, they called that cousin with the pickup truck to pull them out.


JoshCribbs16 Josh Cribbs

They pulled us out the mud & now checking making sure we good 2go!! It’s all good guys are a lil nervous but we good!!


What happened next is unclear, but they were not good 2go.


C_Mitch18 Carlton Mitchell

DePlane…. AGAIN! -_- smh switching planes


JoshCribbs16 Josh Cribbs

I guess we’re getting off the plane headed to the terminal… We gonna be all standing on the turnpike with our thumbs out!! Lol


An absolutely ridiculous situation. I’d like Carlton Mitchell, my new favorite person in the world, to sum this up for me…


C_Mitch18 Carlton Mitchell

When I was 14 I had a Huffy Bike with one pedal ….I could ride through Grass and all with no prob…and I Never got stuck 0_O #JustSayin


So they got a new plane


jordaNorwood Jordan Norwood

New plane! Guess they’re bout to take care Of us on here


And arrived in Indy


JoshCribbs16 Josh Cribbs

We made it 2 Indy safely!!! thank God


4 ½ hours late. Not that up on Midwest geography, but it can’t take much longer to drive that far. Maybe less, as the fans beat them there


JoshCribbs16 Josh Cribbs

Feeling the love in Indy!!! We were greeted by a huge crowd of barking & clapping browns fans upon our arrival to the team hotel!!!!!


Wow. Just wow. What a great day.

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